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in 1973

Nguanseng Limited Partnership (Wat Duang Khae ) was firstly established in 1973 by Bak nguan Sae jueng . The business started as a small store selling general steel products as well as providing steel cutting services on the basis of customer needs. As the business grew bigger, it has become a partner of various large compan ies

in 1992

Later, Mr. Ukranant Wipawasootcharoen joined Nguanseng Part., Ltd. (Wat Duang Khae ) to pioneer and plan to sell construction equipment and tools and factory hardware on behalf of Pon Prom Steel Part., Ltd. and this is the origin of the well known abbreviation NPS ” which stands for Nguanseng Pon Prom Steel.

in 2006

At that time, construction hardware became more marketable. Plus, Mr. Ukranant (the exclusive at the time) had a commitment to improve and develop the enterprise into a truly sustainable company.Thus, he paid more serious attention to the industry. And for a more effective and better enterprise management system, Mr. Ukranant launched a new company under the name Nguanseng Millionaire Steel Company Limited ” for a steel business and as well as Nguanseng Limited Partnership (Wat Duang Khae ) for distributing construction equipment and tools only. However, the Company has still been using NPS ” to run the business (such as logo and abbreviations) since it is our original name which has been widely remembered for years . T his is the reason why we have always been using the name NPS Millionaire ” in our businesses.

in 2018

Today, Nguanseng Millionaire Steel Company Limited was renamed to Nguanseng Millionaire Group Company Limited or NSM Group to sell and import various types of steel products, to provide steel fabrication services in accordance with engineering designs, and to provide interior and exterior architectural design servic es. However, the company still operates its business of distributing and importing construction equipment and tools under the name Nguanseng (Wat Duang Khae ) but has changed its name from Nguanseng (Wat Duang Khae ) Part., Ltd. to Nguanseng (Wat Duang Khae ) Co., Ltd. Under the administration of Mrs. Tipwipa Wipawasootcharoen , the chief executive

Our organization aims to be a leading enterprise which is able to deliver high quality, effective and fully integrated construction services to our customers.


To create added value for the Company's businesses using expertise and experiences to seek new opportunities and to expand business channels.

To apply experiences of the enterprise to innovative technologies in order to maximize the potential of the enterprise in the role of trader, manufacturer and service provider to accommodate today s and future s needs of customers in a sustainable manner.

To provide opportunities and promote personal development by focusing on knowledge, skills, abilities, as well as strongly em pha sizing on the cultivation of morality and ethics.

To focus on creating high quality, honest, friendly and sincere services and pay much more attention in every step during before and after sales and services.


To move towards the leadership to be a leading fully integrated construction product and service provider and one stop service c enter in the construction industry to create convenience for our valued customers.

To develop the quality of human resources under the enterprise system of Thailand 4.0 era and deliver standard services as well as the best products to the customers.

To promote the proper application of human resources and other resources for the better society and environment and lead our ent erprise to a true sustainability.


Sincerity Sincere and attentive services

Innovation Innovation towards an ongoing development

Imagination Creative work and services

Transparency Commitment to transparency

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